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Analyze Your Shopify Revenue in ChartMogul

We’re thrilled to share that Shopify merchants can now analyze their revenues in ChartMogul.

New: Analyze Non-Subscription Revenue in ChartMogul

Shopify is the leading omni-channel commerce platform and is used by merchants all over the world. For years, many of our customers have asked for a way to analyze their non-subscription Shopify revenue data alongside their subscription billing data.

We’re excited to announce that our Shopify integration is now available to all ChartMogul users. This integration will enable all merchants with Shopify stores to import their customer and order data into ChartMogul for further analysis.

Which Metrics Are Supported?

This integration marks a first for ChartMogul, empowering our customers with hybrid business models to track, analyze and manage their recurring and non-subscription revenues, all in one place. New metrics include:

Shopify merchants can also analyze their non-subscription data in existing cash flow charts, including net cash flow, gross cash flow, refunds, non-recurring cash flow and failed transactions.

Connect Shopify to ChartMogul Now

Adding your Shopify store to ChartMogul is easy. If you’re a ChartMogul admin, simply navigate to Admin —> Data Sources and click New data source. Select Shopify from the available list of systems and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your store. You can find detailed instructions and screenshots in our Help Center.

Not using ChartMogul yet? Sign up for a free 14-day trial to access all of ChartMogul. If you’re currently a customer and want to unlock non-subscription revenue metrics, reach out to [email protected] about moving over to our Scale plan.   

Kate Donahue