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The ChartMogul team: Meet Ingmar

This week we chatted with Ingmar, our Director of Customer Success. His work for Zendesk and other passion projects have taken him around the world, but for now he’s settled back in his home country to help build ChartMogul. Take a look at our evening by the Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin’s oldest water tower.


Ingmar Zahorsky.

ingmar chartmogul
Hometown and country:

Kiel, Germany.

At ChartMogul since:

October 2015.

Job Title:

Director of Customer Success.

What do you do at ChartMogul?

My team’s responsibilities include inside sales, customer onboarding, account management and support. As a manager, I am constantly on the lookout for new talent which requires me to review resumes and conduct interviews. I also help with finance and some office coordination, such as keeping the coffee beans flowing and snacks replenished.

Your TL;DR lifestory: What did you do before Berlin and how did you end up here?

I was working remotely for Zendesk as part of the customer service team, traveling in Asia and North America. I was also lecturing part time in a Masters Degree program at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica.

In the summer of 2015, I spent a month in Berlin. The buzzing startup scene and the young, international art scene of the city was invigorating. During that visit, our CEO Nick Franklin, a long time friend and former colleague at Zendesk, asked me to join ChartMogul. After having been through a rocket ship journey with Zendesk and having traveled quite a distance with them, the idea of joining a small team to help build a company from the ground up was intriguing, which made it an easy decision.

chartmogul berlin

If you weren’t allowed to do your current career, what would you be doing?

I would work full time for the Peace Media Co-Op, a passion project that the journalist and photographer Tatiana Philiptchenko and myself started a few years ago.

It is a platform through which we developed a curriculum for a class that teaches how social media and internet technologies can be utilized to promote social justice, peace and freedom. We are currently teaching a course based on this curriculum called “Building Peace Online – Applied Social Media Technologies” at the United Nations mandated University for Peace in an online format.

Tatiana and I also worked on a number of projects under the umbrella of the Peace Media Co-Op such as shedding light on the role of women in the Egyptian revolution, exploring the state of press freedom in Maguindanao, Philippines after the massacre and telling the story of Nicaraguan migrant workers that labour in the coffee plantations in Costa Rica. I would love to do more of these media projects and work on a feature length documentary film that investigates how dance and music can be used for community empowerment and conflict transformation.


Best way to spend a Sunday in Berlin, when all the shops are closed?

To walk down to cafe St. Oberholz in Prenzlauer Berg and read the weekend edition of TAZ over a cappuccino and look out the window. Always being connected throughout the week, I value a good digital detox on weekends.

What purchase under 100€ has most positively impacted your life, and how?

I bought a used bike in Kyoto for 5500 YEN (~48 Euro) in 2014 that showed me around the city. I left it in front of an apartment building when I left the country. At my return six months later, the bike was still standing in the same spot but had some cobwebs on it. I have been coming and going several times since then but so far the bike has always been waiting for me where I left it.

ingmar chartmogul

If there was a soundtrack to your life thus far, name one song that would be on it:

It would be “Temba, Tumba, Timba” from Los Van Van. It has been one my favorite songs since I heard it live in Havana and is always a great reminder to not take life too seriously.

And last but not least, why did you choose the Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg for these photos?

It is a magical place for a walk within my neighborhood that I often find myself returning to.

ingmar chartmogul

Annie Musgrove

Former Content Manager

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