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The ChartMogul team: Meet Annie

This week get to know Annie, our Content Manager. She came to Berlin from Texas, by way of a quick tour in Southeast Asia. We spent the morning chatting in the funky community gardens of Tempelhofer Feld.


Annie Musgrove.

Hometown and country:

Houston, Texas. USA. (Also home to Beyoncé.)

At ChartMogul since:

March 2016.

Job Title:

Content Manager.

What do you do at ChartMogul?

I work with our Director of Content, Ed, to determine our overall content marketing strategy. I research and write about the SaaS and subscription industries, giving advice on how to best use subscription metrics, and other things to do with entrepreneurship, etc. All of this goes on our blog. From time to time you’ll hear my voice doing the intro on our podcast.

Your TL;DR lifestory: What did you do before Berlin and how did you end up here?

I’ve always loved reading, and with reading came writing. I got my degree in English Literature. After attending university in Virginia, I moved back to Texas to live with my best friend in Austin. I got a job with a tiny startup there, writing social media content for small businesses. Three years and a couple rounds of funding later, I was running the Content Operations team.

While working there, I actually took a solo trip to Berlin in 2013. I left after five days with the inkling that I would move here someday. I’d always wanted to live abroad, and I studied German when I was younger, so the idea really stuck with me.

A year later, ready for something completely new, I quit my job and backpacked solo around Southeast Asia for five months. After that I pit-stopped back home in the States to see family and friends, then came to Berlin in October 2015. I didn’t have a plan but luckily found ChartMogul — and the Content Manager role was a great fit. Now I’m here to stay for the foreseeable future!

If you weren’t allowed to do your current career, what would you be doing?

  • Journalist
  • TV screenwriter (we’re in the golden age of television, after all)
  • World tour backup dancer (preferably Beyoncé)

Best way to spend a Sunday in Berlin, when all the shops are closed?

A meal with friends — homemade if you’ve remembered to go grocery shopping, a few hours and beers at one of the many parks or lakes, and catching a film at a FreiLuft Kino — Deutsch for open-air cinema. Winter is a different story, I guess. 🙂

What purchase under 100€ has most positively impacted your life, and how?

This is really hard…

Okay I sat here and thought for about ten minutes, and then it was completely obvious. My Germany work visa! Something like 70 Euro and allows me to fulfill a childhood dream. It also allows me to stay here until 2019. By then I hope to be fluent in German.

If there was a soundtrack to your life thus far, name one song that would be on it:

“Behold A Lady,” Andre 3000 of Outkast

And last but not least, why did you choose the Tempelhof gardens for these photos?

My first flat in Berlin was right next to Tempelhofer Feld, so I spent a lot of afternoons and sunsets here. As a former airport, it’s just so much space and sky, right in the city.

And the Tempelhof community gardens might be my favorite spot of all. Since I moved here in the winter, when the gardens were barren and apocalyptic (still cool), the spring and summer have totally taken me by surprise! People do an amazing job tending to their vegetables, herbs, and flowers; every plot is overflowing. And you’re free to wander around and sit at their handmade benches, bring wine and food — or coffee and a book. It’s pretty magical.

Ed Shelley

Former Director of Content


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