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The ChartMogul team: Meet Vlad

It’s time to introduce the people behind the product at ChartMogul! To kick it off, we chatted with Vlad, one of our Software Engineers, at a place in Berlin that is special to him. And it’s a bit unexpected: the Hallesches Tor U-Bahn station.


Uladzimir Dranevich. AKA Vlad.

Vlad ChartMogul

Hometown and country:

Minsk, USSR. (Now known as Belarus.)

At ChartMogul since:

I joined ChartMogul as a contractor in the middle of August 2014 — August 19th to be exact. And since February of 2016, I’m a full-time employee.

Job Title:

Software Engineer

What do you do at ChartMogul?

I mostly do backend and database development. Apart from this, I eat snacks, sit on a chair, type on a keyboard and look at luminous square in front of me for more than six hours each day. Sometimes I try to make a joke in English with 87% failure ratio. Still mastering it — need 100%.
Vlad ChartMogul

Your TL;DR lifestory: What did you do before Berlin and how did you end up here?

A lot of exciting things. I had the chance to make sandwiches, clean toilets, put stuff on shelves in a supermarket, install video cameras and fire alarms. I was a database developer in a state company and a “full stack” developer in a huge outsourcing company. I studied math at Lyceum and radiophysics at university. All my life I lived in Minsk.

If you weren’t allowed to do your current career choice, what would you be doing?

I didn’t choose engineering, by the way. It all happened by chance. But if not this, then video production.


Best way to spend a Sunday in Berlin, when all the shops are closed?

Meet friends, go to the park. I haven’t been here very long, still exploring the city.

What purchase under 100€ has most positively impacted your life, and how?

My haircut machine. I bought it 4 months ago. Now I can have a perfect haircut whenever I want.

If there was a soundtrack to your life thus far, name one song that would be on it:

Ленинград – Супер гуд. This band is called Leningrad, from St. Petersburg, Russia. And the song is called “Super Gut.”

And last but not least, why did you choose Hallesches Tor for these photos?

This transition between the U6 and U1 trains at the Hallesches Tor station is what comes to my mind when people ask what is Berlin for me. I love these concrete and metal constructions and enjoy walking in a crowd of mostly young people from one line to another.

I used to live on the U6 line. And if I wanted to go to the area where most of the action happens, or to my German class, I needed to take the U1. So when I first came to Berlin, I used this station a lot. And first emotions are usually most memorable. 

Vlad ChartMogul

Annie Musgrove

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