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#billing system

Announcing the ChartMogul GoCardless integration

We’re very excited to announce our new GoCardless integration! This integration delivers ChartMogul’s analytics platform for GoCardless customers so that they can measure, understand, and grow their subscription business.

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Announcing our Chargebee integration

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Chargebee. This integration gives Chargebee customers an advanced analytics platform to visualise all their key subscription revenue metrics and KPIs, in real time.

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Choosing the right billing system for your SaaS business

So you’re building an awesome subscription business – great! But you need to tackle what is arguably one of the most important parts: Billing. How do you manage the process of accepting money from your customers?

Building your own billing system can be a world of pain, risk and complexity, so what options are out there for integrating a third party product? This guide serves as a comprehensive overview of the options available for SaaS businesses in 2016.

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