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The Ultimate SaaS LTV Cheat Sheet

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) for SaaS businesses is perhaps one of the most difficult metrics to calculate. Use our free cheat sheet to get to a reliable estimate, and get a better picture of the health of your business.

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The Ultimate SaaS Billing Cheat Sheet

Choosing a billing solution for your SaaS business can be a world of pain and confusion. With a drastically-growing selection of tools and products available to manage the process of billing your customers across the world, it’s not at all clear what you should consider when choosing a solution. It’s time to address that…

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The Ultimate Slack Cheat Sheet

Like many many people out there, we use and love Slack at ChartMogul. Whether for daily work updates, communicating with the team or simply posting silly GIFs, the tech world has been set alight by the the great user experience built by the Slack team – with Daily Active Users of the service now higher than 750,000.

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The Ultimate SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet

Many people ask us for help understanding what all the SaaS metrics mean, why they’re useful and how they’re calculated. We thought we’d invest some time detailing the most important metrics for SaaS businesses into a two-page cheat sheet.

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