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#customer story

Jukely: Solving live music discovery with subscriptions

The live music scene is a tough segment to crack — many startups have tried and failed along the way, trying to use technology to change the way people consume live music. So why is Jukely equipped to succeed where others haven’t? And why a subscription model?

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How Codacy balances cloud & on-premise SaaS

Codacy is changing the way businesses carry out code reviews. I paid them a visit to understand how they’re addressing such a huge problem in the industry, and to see how ChartMogul helps them measure their growth.

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SaaS Open Mic: A Chat With Nikos, CEO of Workable

Introducing SaaS Open Mic: An interview series to dig into the minds of some of the founders and leaders of SaaS businesses. Today I spoke to Nikos Moraitakis, founder and CEO of Workable, on how metrics help him with such a rapid-growth business.

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