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Webflow: SaaS, consolidated?

Bryant Chou is a Co-founder of Webflow, a Y Combinator-backed SaaS startup based in Mountain View. Anyone who’s used Webflow will know that its focus is on helping the end-to-end process of designing, building and running a website. So in an industry where historically so many tools have focused on a tiny slice of this workflow, what does it mean to build a product encompassing the entire thing?

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How Typeform makes things more human

Typeform’s David Okuniev discusses why it’s essential to humanize the user for great design — and how great design humanizes the product. Plus lessons learned in nurturing culture throughout rapid growth.

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SaaS Open Mic: Murat Mutlu, founder of Marvel

This week I sat down for a chat with Murat, who left a career in design to grow his app prototyping platform, Marvel. Marvel began as a side project, but gained enough traction since launch to rapidly grow into a full-scale business.

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