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The Ultimate SaaS LTV Cheat Sheet

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) for SaaS businesses is perhaps one of the most difficult metrics to calculate. Use our free cheat sheet to get to a reliable estimate, and get a better picture of the health of your business.

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SaaS Open Mic: A Chat With Nikos, CEO of Workable

Introducing SaaS Open Mic: An interview series to dig into the minds of some of the founders and leaders of SaaS businesses. Today I spoke to Nikos Moraitakis, founder and CEO of Workable, on how metrics help him with such a rapid-growth business.

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The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Most SaaS-savvy entrepreneurs will tell you that Customer Lifetime Value (or LTV) is something that you absolutely should be estimating, tracking and improving as one of your key focus metrics. But a big problem in this area is that with all of the material available on the topic, there’s no clear answer to the question of how you should be estimating or using LTV in your business (in fact, the usual answer is that it’s very specific to the characteristics of each business).

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