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Make Metrics Meaningful: how each team relates to MRR

Founders and executive teams all follow the vital business KPIs, of course. But how do other team members relate to over-arching metrics like MRR? Drawing the connection between individual contributions and MRR helps each employee understand their impact and create a data-driven culture.

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How to (effectively) analyze Marketing ROI using Churn Rate

Marketing efforts are usually measured against the basic question: Are we getting new customers? But to truly understand your marketing ROI, you need to see how valuable these customers are, and where exactly you found them. Data segmentation by Churn reveals your strongest and weakest marketing channels.

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How much of your MRR is slipping away?

Anyone who uses Intercom recognizes that button… it brings with it a small spike of dread in the stomach. These are your customers who are hanging on the edge of a churn-shaped precipice, ready to let go. But how much do they actually represent in MRR? Using ChartMogul and Zapier, you can find out…

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Using Deep Customer Segmentation in SaaS

User segmentation is an incredibly powerful tool in analytics and is critical for understanding the types of customers using your product, as well as targeting and measuring the impact of your customer success.

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Introducing Segmentation in ChartMogul

Hundreds of subscription companies now use ChartMogul to help measure and understand their businesses.

But there’s a need to go beyond just measuring metrics; companies today need to use their data to derive insights that can inform decisions towards sustainable growth.

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