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Zapier CEO Wade Foster on the future of API SaaS

Whether by design or by chance, Zapier has found itself at the center of the unbundling of SaaS and rise of API-based solutions. Enabling code-free integrations between over 800 apps (including ChartMogul), it’s clear why this is the case — Zapier empowers employees across the world to scale their output and effectiveness to new levels. I spoke to Co-Founder and CEO Wade Foster to understand what made him pursue this way back in 2011.

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How much of your MRR is slipping away?

Anyone who uses Intercom recognizes that button… it brings with it a small spike of dread in the stomach. These are your customers who are hanging on the edge of a churn-shaped precipice, ready to let go. But how much do they actually represent in MRR? Using ChartMogul and Zapier, you can find out…

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