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The 10 subscriptions keeping the lights on at ChartMogul

I thought we’d have a bit of fun this weekend (and break up the House of Cards marathon) with a post about all the subscriptions we rely on to run ChartMogul.

  1. DigitalOcean
    Provides the servers that run the ChartMogul App —
  2. Docker
    Powers our elastic scaling capability – if many users decide to import their data into ChartMogul at the same time Docker with Kubernetes automatically spin-up (and spin-down) DigitalOcean droplets as demand increases —
  3. New Relic
    So our devops and engineers can tune performance, investigate errors, and keep things running smoothly —
  4. SendGrid
    “Congratulations, you have a new customer” these email notifications all get sent via SendGrid —
  5. MailChimp
    We send out our monthly newsletter using MailChimp.  Missed the last one? ChartMogul February Newsletter —
  6. Zendesk
    Powers our help center, live chat (Zopim) and general customer service ticketing —
  7. Intercom
    Powers our trial onboarding/drip emails and in-app message system —
  8. GitHub
    Code repo —
  9. Media Temple
    Hosts our marketing site —
  10. CloudFlare
    CDN for our site, so it loads fast regardless of where you are —
  11. ChartMogul
    We do of course eat our own dog food and measure our own revenue using ChartMogul 🙂

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